The GoodLife Adult Family Home in Vancouver, Washington


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The GoodLife AFH Features and Benefits

1. The owners are the primary caregivers and live on-site.

This is important to residents who are concerned about outsourced AFH operations run by distant investors. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the people providing the care, are people who care!

2. The owners are certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and are qualified to provide most nurse-delegated care services.  This includes insulin shots, dry wound care, catheter care, and so on. At The GoodLife, your nurse-delegated needs are handled!

3. Plenty of elbow room to cure your claustrophobia!

If you tend to feel uncomfortably “closed in,” or even claustrophobic in some care environments, The GoodLife may offer the alternative you need. After all, being able to see distances outside, or to be outside, is important for happiness and good mental health. We all need a little elbow room!

The GoodLife has over 660 square feet of viewing glass, so you can gaze outside and enjoy the greenery. High ceilings, wide halls, and over 4300 feet of living area contribute to the open, airy, feeling.

4. Beautiful outdoor living area and half acre grounds give you a breath of fresh air!

The GoodLife’s massive 1000 square-foot patio features custom wrought iron fencing and railings, a cozy marble fire pit, dinner table, cushioned settee, lounger, and seasonal potted plants and trees. This is a wonderful outdoor extension of your living area!

Enjoy soothing summer breezes as you gaze over a mini-forest of 150 arborvitaes, and thirteen mature incense cedar trees. Or, if you like, stroll on the spacious half acre grounds, tend the tomato gardens, flowers and rose beds. The patio makes it easy, and safe, to enjoy the outdoors whenever you like!

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