The GoodLife Adult Family Home in Vancouver, Washington
Assisted Living in Vancouver WA


Assisted Living in Vancouver, Washington

For many elderly residents, The GoodLife Adult Family Home in Vancouver, Washington provides a higher-quality alternative to traditional assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and memory care units.  If you need more attentive care than large assisted living facilities provide, and you prefer a beautiful, warm, living environment, you owe it to yourself to consider The GoodLife.

Care services include delicious meals, assistance with activities of daily living, medication support, delegated nursing care, Alzheimer’s care, laundry and housekeeping, bathing and dressing assistance, incontinence care and most other services required to maximize quality of life for elderly residents.

Bright, Homey Atmosphere

The GoodLife provides, arguably, the finest living environment in the adult family home industry.  Picture yourself enjoying summer breezes on the beautiful 1000 square-foot patio, as you overlook a mini-forest of incense cedar trees and arborvitaes.  Enjoy long stretches of beautiful green lawn, and enjoy listening to the birds on the half-acre grounds.  If you like gardening, help tend the tomatoes and flower beds. 

At night, enjoy roasting marshmallows around the marble fire pit with friends.  Or, simply relax in a cushioned leather Lazy-Boy recliner, and enjoy the custom wood furnishings, warm décor and openness.  Over 660 square feet of viewing glass provide beautiful looks to the outside.  Then, when you’re ready to exercise or play games, enjoy the fully-equipped exercise and recreation room.

The GoodLife is a leader in quality assisted living.  Be sure to check out the full list of features and benefits on this web site.

Better Care and Better Lifestyle

You may discover that care at The GoodLife is much more attentive and complete than traditional assisted living options.  For example, instead of getting weekly laundry service offered by assisted living facilities, you get daily, or as-needed, service.  Instead of minimal “daily contact with staff” offered by assisted living facilities, your care is under the watchful eye of highly-trained caregivers throughout the day.  Instead of generic activities, you get access to more engaging, fun, life-enriching opportunities.  These include things like overnight trips to the beach, trips to the fair, inland fishing trips, yummy candy making, and other activities of your choosing. 

Instead of cafeteria food at assisted living facilities, enjoy delicious home-cooked meals.  (GoodLife resident’s have nicknamed their kitchen The GoodLife Grill because of the tasty entrees, and made-from-scratch recipes they enjoy.)  Mouthwatering food, homemade desserts, scrumptious baked goods, fresh-from-the-farm seasonal ingredients and creative presentation make dining at The GoodLife a high point, and valued feature!

Personal Care Relationship

At The GoodLife, resident care is provided by the owners.  Contrast this with the care provided by hired caregivers at an assisted living facility.  Unfortunately, staff turnover at assisted living facilities is high, so resident’s have difficulty developing long-term relationships with a single caregiver. 

That’s a problem because care should come from a trusted friend, and familiar face, rather than a stranger who doesn’t understand the resident’s preferences.  Consistent, familiar relationships are particularly important for Alzheimer’s care residents who need routine, predictability and continuity in their care.  Every GoodLife resident develops a close bond, and strong care relationship with the owners.

Visitors to The GoodLife confirm that “hired hands” at large assisted living facilities don’t provide the same level of care as on-site owners.  One resident put it this way:  “At The GoodLife, the people who care, are the people who provide the care.  That’s why we live better here!”

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